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August 3, 20233 min read

The power of creativity in business strategy

Creativity’s reach extends far beyond traditional artistic pursuits; it is a valuable skill that people use daily, often without realising it — from how you communicate with others to preparing your evening meal. In the workplace, creativity helps drive innovation and solve complex problems across almost every industry, including business.

Many entrepreneurial leaders deem creativity integral to a successful business strategy, helping people and companies adapt to an ever-evolving landscape and stand out against increasing competition.

This article will explore what creativity is and how it helps businesses survive and thrive.

What is creativity?

Creativity, also known as divergent thought, is a complex cognitive process that taps into imagination, intuition, and lateral thinking.

Various regions and networks within the brain work together to connect seemingly unrelated elements to produce something innovative (and often unexpected), generating novel ideas, solutions, and insights. 

According to Baden U'ren, CG Spectrum Institute's Academic Director: "Creativity involves novelty and value creation, so creative thinking is the act of purposefully attempting to improve your actions and surroundings. It is the inception of innovative capability and the foundation of entrepreneurial outcomes."

How creativity helps businesses succeed

In a climate of fierce competition and constant disruption, businesses need to harness the power of creative thinking to stay relevant and stand out. A creative business course can help you achieve your goals and build vital skills.

Five ways the power of creativity assists in business strategy:

1. Creativity inspires innovation: Logic is useful to get you from A to B, but creativity can open up new, unexplored frontiers that you can apply to your business to help propel it forward. Encouraging creative thinking cultivates new ways of seeing your current situation, which can put you ahead of your competition.

2. Creativity helps navigate change: In today's rapidly changing world, businesses must be agile and adaptive in order to survive. Creative, flexible thinking produces people and businesses that are more open to new ideas, making them better equipped to embrace change and avoid stagnating.

3. Creativity can better connect customers with your business: Creativity encourages great storytelling, which is one of the key ways humans connect. Creative thinking enables businesses to connect with their audience on a deeper level through compelling brand stories, engaging marketing campaigns, and products or services that evoke a positive response from their target market. 

4. Creativity assists with problem-solving: Creative thinking gives people the ability to approach challenges from unique angles (thinking outside the box) to devise solutions. Gain a competitive edge by learning how to overcome obstacles creatively, which can help drive growth and efficiency in your business endeavours.

“We are all faced with problems, and we have to address them and think of something new, and that’s where creativity comes in.” – Edwin Catmull (Co-Founder of Pixar)

5. Fostering collaboration: The sharing of new concepts and ideas helps bring people together. Creativity thrives in collaborative environments where people can bounce ideas off one another, allowing concepts to grow and take shape through the advantage of multiple unique perspectives. Creative thinking helps foster teamwork and allows people to explore new avenues in a constructive and respectful manner.

Learn how to think creatively in business

Creativity, like any skill, will increase the more you nurture it. If you want to learn how to think more creatively in business, choose a course that encourages creative thinking. CG Spectrum Institute’s Diploma of Business breaks free of the shackles of traditional business courses to create a space where your business mindset and creativity can meet and work together.


Harness the power of creativity while building your business acumen

If you are ready to explore creativity as a tool in the world of business, CG Spectrum Institute's Diploma of Business will teach you how to wield it effectively. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned professional seeking a fresh perspective, this course will expand your horizons, elevate your business acumen, and inspire you to think creatively, leading to a future of endless possibilities. 



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