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September 4, 20235 min read

5 benefits of studying online you may not have considered

In an increasingly online world, remote learning is gaining popularity for its efficiency, flexibility, and accessibility. While the convenience and flexibility of online courses are commonly acknowledged, there are some lesser-known benefits that can enhance your learning experience. We explore five of these less-considered advantages that you should be looking out for in your online education. 

Online study, like any study, should be about more than just acquiring knowledge; it should also allow you to foster your personal and professional growth, just like these five benefits do.


1. Diverse Global Perspectives

Due to their accessibility, online courses can attract students from across the globe. This diversity can enrich discussions and expose you to a variety of viewpoints, enhancing your understanding of different cultures and ideas. Engaging with peers from diverse backgrounds can broaden your horizons and help you see problems from fresh angles.

Being part of a diverse, global online community—filled with people equally as passionate about digital art and animation—can also help students grow their networks, further their education, and continue to be inspired.

When you enrol in any of CG Spectrum Institute’s accredited courses, you join a vibrant online community of students, graduates, and industry artists from over 90 countries. Members pass on tips and tricks, ask for advice, share their WIPs (work in progress), participate in challenges, and join lively discussions. This supportive environment makes it an ideal place for new artists to learn how to take on and grow from constructive criticism. 


"Whenever I've posted my animations on their community channels, I've received very helpful feedback from fellow students, alumni, other course mentors, and teaching assistants. They're all very encouraging and friendly, which really helps when you're feeling a bit shy about sharing your work in progress. They help you improve your skills and grow. And I think it's a great plus that you can still have access to that amazing community even after you graduate."

- Dagmar


2. Enhanced Digital Literacy

When enrolling in an online course where technology plays a big part—like when studying visual effects, digital art, and game development—the more tools you learn, even if they are more task-management-based, the more equipped you will be for the industry. You will also gain experience in collaborating online, including how to communicate effectively in an online environment, an increasingly necessary and valuable skill (that can be harder to master than in-person communication).

At CGSI, if you ever come across a technical hurdle, you have the option to reach out to a dedicated technical support team via the online community. Technical assistants (TAs) are based worldwide, so you will usually find someone online to help troubleshoot at any time of the day or night, ensuring you can keep moving forward with your learning and your art.


3. Effective Time Management 

Online courses require self-discipline and effective time management. These skills can spill over into other areas of your life, improving your ability to balance work, personal commitments, and education. Learning to prioritise tasks and meet deadlines is a transferable skill with long-lasting benefits.


4. More Intimate Learning Environment 

Online courses allow you to create a personalised learning environment. This level of customisation can lead to increased productivity and a more enjoyable learning experience, setting you up for success during class. It can also make you feel more comfortable because you are learning in a familiar space.

Small class sizes can also promote a more positive learning environment as it can be easier to familiarise yourself with your classmates. The maximum number of students per class at CG Spectrum Institute is capped at 15, meaning you won’t be competing with as many students for your mentor’s time. The more intimate class setting can also feel less imposing and create an atmosphere more conducive to asking questions amongst your peers (versus an auditorium with 60+ students). It also often means that your mentors will have more time to provide detailed answers. 


“Having never done an online course, I didn’t expect to receive this level of personalised learning and quality teaching.” 

- Richard S


5. Access to Expertise 

Online courses often bring together academics and experts from around the world, opening up opportunities to learn from the best in your field, regardless of your geographical location. Access to international expertise can be a game-changer for your education and career aspirations, including building your global network.

Regardless of timezone or location, an online learning format allows CG Spectrum Institute to team up with international artists and academics from top film and game studios (which is harder to organise in a brick-and-mortar university). You will learn directly from industry professionals who have years of experience, with most still actively working in their specialisation(s).


“CG Spectrum is the closest to giving me actual industry experience since I’m working alongside an industry vet while being taught the fundamentals of my trade”. 

- Subhaan A


CG Spectrum Institute gives students a more personalised experience by providing ample time with their lecturers through individualised video critiques on their homework. Industry experts can offer insider knowledge on how actual studios operate and give feedback on assignments in a way similar to how they would be approached in a professional studio environment. And you have access to these experts, not just through your classes but via the vibrant online community.


“It's not just about finishing the assignment and moving on to the next lesson; it's about fully understanding why and when not just how. Mentors take your lesson file, open it and give a video critique while they work on your file. They’re showing you options and different approaches to what needs to be done to improve your workflow, making sure you fully understand the lessons being taught. Each lesson is building you up for the next.”

- Chris E


While online courses offer convenience and flexibility, these lesser-known benefits can significantly enhance your personal and professional growth. However, not all online courses are the same, especially when it comes to the creative industries. When researching online accredited creative courses, remember to look for institutions that offer a high level of interaction with course academics and industry pros, small class sizes, and a welcoming virtual space where students can easily connect and interact with one another.



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